Self Leadership Program Female

Every leadership journey is a voyage into the self. When we know and understand ourselves better, we are more equipped to know and understand those around us too enabling us to make more informed and empowered choices about our actions.

This course is packed with knowledge and experiential learning opportunities to enable you to understand yourself better, go deeper and explore your own personal inner world whilst supporting you to make changes along the way as you align to a truer version of yourself.

By the end of the 10 weeks, you will truly have mastered your own self-leadership and be showing up as a genuine and authentic leader in your world. You will have taken action on the challenges that have held you back and be ready to embrace the new horizon beyond.


Start Date

Weekly from Wed 20th October 2021


12:30 – 13:30 Irish time (60 minutes x 10)


10 weeks comprising of teaching, Q &A and coaching.


€397 including Facebook support group, workbooks, support tools, visualisations and recordings.

To reserve you space email


DM on Linkedin



via stripe in advance of course commencement

Option to avail of some additional one-to-one sessions at special participant rates



This course offers all a safe space to communicate and support one another in a confidential and non-judgemental way. This is a closed group.

Course Content

Module 1

Starting our journey together

Introductions and connecting to “Self”; presence
some practices to tap into “Self” more consciously

Module 2

Inner work – Self-care

Beliefs, Mindset, Parts Awareness, and Inner child work

Module 3


What are archetypes – looking at archetypes to notice
our patterns
Addressing empowering and disempowering behaviours

Module 4

Imposter Syndrome & Confidence

Feel like a fraud, like you will get found out.
Self-doubt holding you back. Discover how to overcome this unhelpful inner gremlin
Step in your power and find your natural confidence

Module 5

Shadow (an introduction)

Recognising we all have parts that we don’t want others to see or we feel ashamed of
How befriending them can release stuck energy and can be very empowering

Module 6

Boundaries & navigating crucial conversation

“No” is not a bad work. Standing up for yourself assertively whilst minimising offense
How to approach critical conversations and express yourself authentically

Module 7

Courage and recognising potential

Identifying strengths
Review your values
Entertain discomfort
Module 8 Embracing our feminin

Module 8

Embracing our feminine

What it means to you to be a woman
Getting in touch with your natural creativity
Connecting to your heart and your passions

Module 9

Your best self – Your new story

Carve out a new story for yourself
What is your signature story
Learn how to embody your best self

Module 10

Recap of the learnings, insights and take-aways

Final Q&A, reflections and wrap up