What Leadership Coaching & Consulting Can Bring You And Your Organisation

  • Support high potential managers to play bigger and operate at the next level
  • Develop greater executive presence
  • Bolster individual and team performance
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence
  • Align skills and strengths with job performance
  • Support managers that are transitioning into a new role
  • Develop greater competency in leadership and different styles of leading
  • Navigating organisational climate, culture and internal politics

Corinna Kingston talks about VUCA, Coaching, Mentoring and Vertical Leadership Development.

The working environment is changing rapidly and organisations are being disrupted leaving leaders and employees unclear as to how they must act bringing with it stress and fear. The old command and control leadership styles are obsolete. Today a new more coaching style, inclusive and egoless style of leadership is being encouraged drawing on the full human potential of the multi-generational employees expertise and knowledge getting the business future-fit.

CK Coaching & Consulting acts as an independent partner to cater for your organisations needs and bring about lasting change that will positively impact both the organisational culture and the bottom line.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

Warren Bennis

Corinna Kingston Owner of Leadership Coaching Consulting

About CK Coaching & Consulting Cork

Established in 2017, CK Coaching & Consulting delivers individual executive coaching and works with corporate teams to optimize team performance, productivity, and innovation. We facilitate individual and group leadership coaching programs and workshops. Certified in a variety of personality, leadership, and career assessments, CK Coaching & Consulting leverages its ability to interpret the results in her coaching and consulting work.

Typical clients include corporates as well as medium sized businesses wanting to address developmental issues amongst its mid to senior level executives as well as private clients wanting to advance themselves and their career in the most effective manner.

CK Coaching & Consulting is on a mission to accelerate the growth and advancement of female leaders and specializes in developing and coaching such high-potential female leaders and coaching individuals experiencing career transitions. By coaching leaders to discover and develop their authentic leadership style, we guide clients to reflect and act as the best version of themselves in their careers and lives. This increases their efficiency, influence, and visibility as leaders.

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